Solar Outside Lights Motion Sensor

iPrimio - No Tool Installation Solar "Motion Detection Bright Light"
"Dusk to Dawn Ambient Light"
Waterproof - No Wires - Solar - Outdoor Use

  • Two Functions In One Unit: "Motion Detection Security Light" AND "Low Ambient Lighting"
  • Detects Motion and Supplies Bright Light
  • Non Motion Provides Low Indirect Lighting.
  • Newest Larger LED Bulbs -- Provides Bright 400 Lumens and Life Span Greater than 50,000 Hours
  • Also Provides Low Level Lighting at Night.

No Tools Necessary

  • INCLUDES Super Strong Outdoor Adhesive Wall Mount (No Tools Necessary) -
  • Also Includes Screw/Kit if necessary
  • Waterproof Design.
  • easures 4 Inches by 5.4 Inches.
  • Packaging may vay.
  • Convenient On/Off Switch 
  • Sold by iPrimio a Michigan Based Company

Great for Outdoors
Solar Lights Garden
Solar Garden Lights
LIghts Up Garden Path
Solar Power Garden Lights
Security Sensor Light
Fence Security
Motion Lighting
Solar Backyard Lights

Many Uses
Patio Garden Lights
Entryway Lights
Home Security Lighting
Backyard Motion Sensor Lights
Outdoor Security Light
​Solar Lighting Outdoor

Why iPrimio Solar LIght?
Great wall light
Motion Detector Lights Outdoor
Light Walks - Lights up walkways
Solor Light Motion Activated
Great Porch Light
Motion Sensor LED Lights
Solar Outdoor Lights Motion
Detects Motion

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