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  •  Purple Pet IPrimio Wolf Head Dynamic Predator Deterrent – Solar Powered Uses Red (flashing) Predator Eyes, Back Light to create Wolf Head silhouette, and Wolf Howl (internal speaker) - Solar Powered
  • ✅ EYES: The “FLASHING RED EYES” mimic those of a wolf stalking the area. Animals are typically scared of this feature alone. The RED EYES will flash intermittently at a predetermined flash pattern mimicking that of a wolf blinking his eyes, or moving slowly behind branches. The RED EYES will light and flash CONTINOUSLY during operation
  • ✅ SHAPE AND SHADOW EFFECT OF WOLF HEAD: We have found that over time it is necessary to provide more stimuli mimicking that of a wolf. Animals may over time not fear flashing red eyes. Thus, we added a “BACK LIGHT” (Lights EVERY 30 MINUTES) allowing other animals to see the OUTLINE OF THE WOLF HEAD. This is very powerful at deterring animals as they now associate red eyes with that of truly a wolf.
  • ✅ WOLF HOWL: Most powerful deterrents ever – a “howl of a wolf” (HOWLS EVERY 30 MINUTES). A real life wolf howl is enough to clear a 3 mile radius of deer instantly!! We included a much quieter version though, but enough volume allowing a deer to hear it ¼ mile away. Even though this volume can’t be heard by humans much past 30 feet, deer and other animals will avoid this area. We provided an ON/OFF switch for this feature only if you find it necessary.

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