Two In One Dog Leash-With Seat Belt Restraint

$9.95 9.95

Do your pups' ears perk right up when they hear the famous phrase, "Let's go for a ride!" This heavy-duty leash inbuilt with the safety belt add a whole new level of safety and control by doubling as a functional walking leash and restraining belt while driving, this product latches into most standard seat belt holders in the car to keep your dog constrained AND reduce driver distractions.

Be it walking, running, hiking or behavioral activity by your pet, Iprimio Two In One Dog Leash with Seatbelt Restraint is guaranteed to keep your dog happy and their tails wagging. "Add to Cart" Now

- It is a Multipurpose Pet Accessory
- Made up of Durable Nylon Weave
- Maximum Toughness
- Risk-Free Purchase
- USA Based Company and Amazing Service

iPrimio's Dog Seat Restraint Belt (adjustable length) and Leash is the multi purpose designed to do just that."BUY IT NOW"

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