Multi-Layer Bottom Repels Urine – Traps Litter Through Large Holes

  • JUMBO MAT SIZED 29” x 27” THAT TRAPS LITTER EASILY - If you don’t want to be the quintessential cat parent with a house that smells like cat litter, you might want to control the spreading and tracking of cat litter around the house. So, our jumbo cat litter trapper mat helps you to traps the litter in the larger holes so that it can be easily to cat litter box and keeps your indoors clean and healthy!
  • LARGER HOLES THAT MAKES LITTER TO DUMP EASY – Not only easy dumping but smooth larger holes make the cat to walk through and more litter falls through! Litter gets trapped into the bottom layer.
  • EXCLUSIVE WATERPROOF PLASTIC FILM THAT REPELS URINE – Multi-layer bottom has plastic film on top that repels urine and let the urine stay on top of the mat so that it can be thrown away unlike soaked by other cat litter mats
  • INCLUDES PUPPY PAD OPTION AND SUITABLE FOR ALL TYPES OF CATS – You can use the standard pad that fits between our multi-layer litter trapper mat to soak the urine, which is great for messy cats. Our mat has easy open edge for dumping.
  • RISK FREE PURCHASE FROM REGISTERED BRAND ON AMAZON - IPRIMIO is a registered brand on Amazon; We are the hardworking Michigan based company that always considers customer satisfaction as its top priority. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the product, just let us know why and we will offer you full refund or a replacement for a free.
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