iPrimio Hook & Loop 4 Pack Rug Corners Gripper V Shape

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  • TRY IT! RISK FREE! OUR NEWEST AND STRONGEST RUG CORNERS GRIPPER - We use Hook and Loop Fastening Technology (Similar to Velcro TM) to fasten Rug to Floor firmly and prevents skidding and sliding on the floor
  • NO SLIPPING AND NO CURLING CORNERS - Pack Includes 4 V SHAPE Corner Grippers - Place Rigid V Shape to the Rug Corner that is less than 2/16 thick (clean bottom of rug corner with rubbing alcohol first for better adhesion) that contains the Loop Portion -- Stick Round Hook Portion to the Floor -- PRESS TOGETHER. Press Hook and Loop Together.
  • RUG STOPPERS THAT ARE PET AND DOG SLIDING PROOF - Renewable sticky gel gripper holds your carpet, rug or hallway runner rugs so tight with a firm, sticky grip that lets your pet and dogs running around safely. Made for multi-pet homes
  • VERY STICKY AND REUSABLE ADHESION - The Adhesive on the Round Hook on the floor uses Renewable Sticky Gel -- Wash with rubbing alcohol to renew this grip. Allows you to move the floor loop portion as well.
  • We are a LEADER in Rug Technology. This is Patent Pending Design along with other shapes for this version of Rug Grippers. More shapes and sizes are coming soon.