Ice Cool Pad With Insulation Pads-Reusable Hard Ice Pack

Cool Pack w/ Insulated Pad (patent pending) - Cold Longer - Cool Pack for Lunch Box, Cooler Bag, Ice Pack Food. Flat Ice Bag. Reusable Hard Ice Pack. Used Gel Ice Cool Pack. Can Gel Ice for Coolers.

  • "COLDER HOURS LONGER" Using Newest Patent Pending Design - You Wanted a Cold Packto be Cold Longer...We Did It.
  • Thicker Gel Filled Cooling Block - 3/4" Thick - Keeps Cool Longer - Non Toxic and PBA Free. Fits Perfectly in Bags, Coolers, Tupperware.
  • Foam 1/8" Pad on "One Side" of the Block -- Why? Keeps Things Cool on the Inside and Keeps the Warm Outside -- Great for Keeping Foam Pad Side Items Drier too - Keep Your Items Fit and Fresh and Cool with Gel Ice Packs. Exclusive Design only by iPrimio.

A Little More Expensive, but Keeps Your Lunch, Drinks, Sandwiches, COLDER Hours Longer. Many Uses. Cool Pack Lunch Box, Cool Pack Can, Slim Cooler Bag, Ice Pack for Food.Size 4.75" x 4.75" x .75". Weighs only 6 ounces. Do not place in Dishwasher or Microwave. Flat Ice Pack Lunch Box, Reusable Ice Packs. Gel Ice Pack Lunch. Small Ice Pack. Cooler for Lunch box. Food Ice Pack. Lunch box Ice Pack Kids. Gel Ice for Coolers. Ice Pack

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