Day of Week" & "Monthly

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Combo Pack - Includes 2 Calendars - "Day Of Week" & "Monthly" Dry Erase Calendars - Sticks to ALL Surfaces - Renewable Sticky Gel to Adheres to All Surfaces - Stainless Steel, Wood, Walls, Dorm Walls, Doors - Premium Plastic Wipes Clean Combo Pack - Includes 2 Calendars - "Day of the Week" & "Monthly" Dry Erase Calendars - Great Because You Can Place Almost Any Place - Stainless Steel, Wood, Walls, Cabinets, Glass. Premium Dry Erase Plastic - Easily Wipes Clean with No Streaks - Flexible Plastic is Not Flimsy Like Many Other Calendars SlipToGrip Renewable Gel - Apply and Reapply As Many Times As You Need - It Will Always Stick - Never Leaves Marks On Walls Guaranteed - Wipe with Water to Renew Grip - EASY!! Other Calendars are Magnetic And Will Not Stick to Common Stainless Steel Refrigerators, Walls, Wood, etc. The iPrimio Calendar Adheres to Almost All Surfaces using Trademarked StickyGel Pads. Measures 16" x 14" - Great Size - Fits on Almost All Refergerators. Uses SlipToGrip Gel too! By iPrimio a Michigan Based Company - REGISTERED BRAND ON AMAZON buy now