Cat Tunnel" & Cat Log-Two Large Cat Scratchers For One Price

$44.95 44.95

iPrimiol 2 Pack:"Cat Tunnel" & "Cat Log" - Two Large Cat Tunnel Scratcher for One Price - Highest Quality Cardboard - Includes Catnip and Anti Slip Pads - Exclusive Design

  • TWO DELUXE SCRATCHERS -- LARGE TUNNEL and CAT LOG - Great for Scratching, Fun, Play, and Afternoon Naps.
  • CATS LOVE A TUNNEL: Every Cat Enjoys a Secure Cat Tunnel Sofa- Cats Run Through, Play, Sleep ( Cat Bed ) , and Stretch and Scratch on the Rounded High Sides - Cat Scratch the Corrugated Cardboard Pet Tunnel. You will Laugh Watching Them Run Through the Tunnel, Play Hide and Seek, and Take Afternoon Naps.
  • GREAT CAT LOG: You Also Get A Scratch Log with your Purchase of Cat Tunnel. Cats love to Jump Over the Log, Play On, and Have Long Extended Scratches. Great Cat Scratch Pad / Cat Scratch Post and Scratching Board. Includes highly rated Catnip for Cats and Kittens.
  • GREAT SIZE: This cat tunnel scratcheris 15" Wide X 15 5/8" Long X 12" High - The Tunnel Opening is Approx. 8" High x 11" Wide - Super Size and Shape. The LOG is 15 5/8" Long X 10 3/4" Wide X 7.5" High.NON SLIP FEET and CAT NIP: Includes our Patent Pending Non Slip Gripper Feet 8 Pads (a $10.99 Value) - Cat tunnel prevents Slipping and Protects your Floor. Includes highly rated Cat Nip. We KNOW CATS!! By iPrimio that makes the 5 Star "Teflon Cat Litter Scooper" and "Cat Litter Trapper Mat"
  • RISK FREE PURCHASE FROM REGISTERED BRAND ON AMAZON - IPRIMIO is a registered brand on Amazon; We are the hardworking Michigan based company that always considers customer satisfaction as its top priority. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the product, just let us know why and we will offer you full refund or a replacement for a free.
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